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Cropty // Instant transfers // Receive TRC20 tokens // 0% fee // Secure crypto storage // Send BEP20 tokens // Cropty // Instant transfers // Receive TRC20 tokens // 0% fee // Secure crypto storage // Send BEP20 tokens

Invest in crypto and get up to 6% APY. Receive first interest in 24h

Up to 6% APY
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Deposit, USDT
+1 000 USDT
+10 000 USDT
Monthly Profit
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Year Profit
Open a deposit
Start earning with $10 crypto

Start earning with $10 crypto

Investing small amounts in crypto worth it — you get high returns even with minimum deposit .
Easy start, easy quit

Easy start, easy quit

Open and close a crypto deposit any time, no fees or penalties .
Your assets always return

Your assets always return

Deposited crypto works as a secured loan. Crypto savings accounts are safe — in critical cases we repay the loans timely with locked collateral .
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Earn depositEarn learnEarn deposit detailsEarnEarn history
Earn historyEarnEarn deposit detailsEarn learnEarn deposit

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Earn with crypto savings
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Earn depositwalletsite.earn.earn_learnEarn deposit detailsEarnEarn historyEarn depositEarn learnEarn deposit detailsEarnEarn history


What is Earn?

Earn is a Cropty value-added service for growing user’s crypto assets. You can earn interest on an hourly basis, open and close deposit instantly whenever you want.

What crypto can I deposit?

You can deposit Tether USD (USDT) for now. We work on widening the list of crypto, available for investing.

How does Cropty make my crypto work?

The assets you deposit are used for Cropty Loan service. Other users take loans and pay interest for them, so you get your profit.

Why assets from closed deposits didn’t arrive instantly?

For now, you can receive your assets within 24 hours from the closing order. As deposited assets are used to fund loans, their return depends on lending life cycle. If you haven’t received your funds within 24 hours, please contact Cropty support via e-mail support@cropty.io.

How Cropty ensures my deposit’s safety?

Cropty ensures your deposit’s safety through real-time pledge rate monitoring system and an efficient liquidation process.

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