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Instant Crypto Loans: Unlock Your Funds

What is Decentraland?

What is Decentraland?
What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is building a decentralized, blockchain-based virtual world for users to create, experience and monetize content and applications.

How do loans backed by MANA works

How do loans backed by MANA works

Crypto-finance facilitates a burdens-free option for loan-seekers and financiers. Individuals seeking credit can secure loans in USDT by leveraging their digital currency, such as Decentraland (MANA), without surrendering ownership. The absence of credit investigation and paperwork expedites the entire procedure, making it highly cost-effective.

On the Cropty platform, creditors can safely park their digital coins into a specific account. A custodian curates the exchanges between loan-seekers and financiers, delivering a fail-safe environment. They serve as a credible bridging point, safeguarding the concerns of all involved parties.

Such a functional system allows the borrowers to tap into resources without parting with their digital holdings. In an ever-changing market, individuals are shielded from potential downslides. The lending model further streamlines the course of loan acquisition and eliminates credit scrutiny.

Simultaneously, financiers yield earnings on their pooled assets via credit reimbursements, which assists them to extract value from their digital currency holdings. This creates a generous mutual benefit by providing an ideal platform for borrowers to meet their cash demands while offering creditors a better investment opportunity.

Cropty's platform meticulously manages all interactions prudently and employs state-of-the-art blockchain mechanics to ensure unmitigated operations without any third-party reliance. This substantially minimizes the risk of deception and presents a secure financial ecosystem.

Decentraland Loan Calculator

Crunch the Numbers and Discover Your Loan Potential
Tether USD
Interest rate
15% per year
Monthly Interest Amount
Quarterly Interest Amount
Yearly Interest Amount
Crypto Loans explained
Crypto Loans explained

Crypto Loans explained

In our video, we take you on an exciting and informative journey into the realm of crypto lending and borrowing on the Cropty platform. Discover how this revolutionary system works, learn how to take out a loan, and explore the seamless process of loan repayment. Packed with valuable insights and tips, this video is your ultimate guide to harnessing the potential of crypto credit.

How to get a loan on Decentraland? Borrow usd against Decentraland on Cropty

The process of getting an Decentraland cryptocurrency loan is quite simple. First, you need to create your account on Cropty, a platform that offers Decentraland cryptocurrency lending services. Then, you need to provide your MANA as collateral and specify the loan amount you want to borrow. The platform then evaluates your collateral and gives you access to the required amount of Tether USDT.

Your creditworthiness is determined based on the value of your collateral, making the process of getting a cryptocurrency loan fast and convenient.

However, it is important to remember that Decentraland cryptocurrency loans are not without risks. In case you default on the loan, your collateral can be seized. Therefore, you should carefully assess your repayment capacity before taking out a cryptocurrency loan.

How to get a loan on Decentraland? Borrow usd against Decentraland on Cropty

To authorize an Decentraland Crypto Loan, you will need to go to Features tab → Loan section → Borrow button

Choose the required loan amount the terms and conditions of the crypto loan, and apply for it by confirming it with a code from 2FA - application or E-mail or Telegram-bot.

Learn more about MANA Crypto Loans

Learn more about MANA Crypto Loans
Decentraland lending
Decentraland lending
The trend of utilizing Decentraland as a loan security has surged among crypto owners, offering immediate financial liquidity without disposing of their holdings. These crypto loans grounded in Decentraland, also known as MANA loans, offer assurance due to value-backed lending transactions. This enables owners to effortlessly acquire MANA credits, which they can utilize for numerous needs like investments, bill payments or bootstrap a venture. This revolutionary method of MANA-backed lending unlocks novel avenues for individuals to maximize their Decentraland capital and gain access to the necessary financial resources.
MANA as a collateral
MANA as a collateral
Decentraland, also known as MANA, is often used for crypto-secured loans. Utilizing Decentraland lending services, users can either take loans in Decentraland or provide them to generate interest. These borrowing methods make it possible for users to gain instant funding based on their Decentraland resources, allowing them to reserve their assets. Interestingly, borrowers can take out USD loans backed by MANA, enhancing their fluidity and adaptability. But, what is the process for obtaining Decentraland loans? In simple terms, borrowers pledge their MANA as a security, and they can obtain a loan based on the asset's value. This kind of instant crypto loan offers a practical resolution for those who want to access funds quickly while keeping their Decentraland assets.
Interest rates for loans secured by Decentraland
Interest rates for loans secured by Decentraland

Interest rates for loans secured by Decentraland

At Cropty, we recognise the significance of providing competitive rates. Hence, we extend borrowing opportunities using cryptocurrency at an appealing 9% rate. These low-interest loans are an ideal solution for securing much-needed liquidity, regardless of whether the need arises from personal or professional circumstances, without the need to lose your crypto assets.

A distinguishing feature of Cropty's cryptocurrency loans is the collateralisation procedure. Suppose the debtor fails to repay the loan. In that case, the security, in this case, MANA, stays with Cropty, while the creditor retains the Tether USDT allotted to them. This arrangement creates a balanced loan recovery process, holding incentives for all involved entities.

Cropty has strategically implemented an automatic liquidation system to safeguard against the risk of Decentraland devaluation. In a scenario where the collateral's market value depreciates significantly, immediate loan liquidation is triggered. This pre-emptive approach helps shield both the lender and the borrower from likely losses during market downturns.

At Cropty, convenience and lucidity are highly valued. Our clients have accessibility to monitor the status of their loan accounts through our easily navigable platform. What's more, borrowers are free to add extra collateral, repay the loan earlier than planned, or settle the loan by repaying both the principal and accumulated interest.

For those bemused about procuring a loan using cryptocurrency, Cropty allows you to leverage your Decentraland to obtain Tether USDT instantly. Our cryptocurrency collateralised loans offer a swift and hassle-free option to cater to your financial requirements.

Why choose Decentraland Cropty Loan

Take advantage of limitless possibilities: Get any amount at any time with our unbeatable cryptocurrency line of credit.
Easy access to funds
By leveraging your crypto assets as collateral, you can quickly obtain loans without the need for extensive credit checks or income verification, making the process more efficient and accessible.
35+ Currencies
Choose your collateral from over 35 cryptocurrencies and borrow instantly from USDT.
No inspections!
Cryptocurrency loans allow you to access credit without checking your credit history.
Interest - hourly
We charge interest on the loan hourly. However, during the first hour after taking out the loan, you have the opportunity to repay it without any additional fees. This sets us apart from our competitors.
Lower interest rates
Because cryptocurrency loans are collateralized, lenders often offer lower interest rates than traditional unsecured loans, making them more cost-effective for borrowers.
Flash approval
Receive funds in the same minute without spending more than 3 taps
Maintain ownership of your crypto
With crypto-backed loans, you retain ownership of your digital assets while using them as collateral. This allows you to benefit from potential market growth and regain full control of your assets once the loan is repaid.


What is Cropty Decentraland Crypto Loan?

Cropty Decentraland Crypto Loan is a secure, overcollateralized, and flexible loan product. Users can take loans by pledging their crypto assets as collateral. With Cropty, you don't have to worry about rehypothecation since we don't lend out your collateralized crypto to others.

How do I pledge my assets and start borrowing with Cropty Decentraland Crypto Loan?

To start, choose the crypto you'd like to pledge as collateral and the amount you'd like to borrow. Ensure you have sufficient crypto assets in your account to cover the required collateral. Once the process is complete, your collateral will be locked, and the loan will be transferred to your account.

What is LTV, and how much can I borrow from Cropty Decentraland Crypto Loan?

LTV (Loan-to-Value) represents the ratio between the value of the loan plus accrued interest and the value of your collateral. The LTV percentage determines how much you can borrow based on the collateral you pledge. For example, with a 50% LTV, if you pledge 1,000 USDT, you may borrow up to 500 USDT worth of assets.

Are there limits to how much I can pledge and borrow?

Yes, there are limits for each cryptocurrency. The maximum amount you can pledge or borrow depends on the specific crypto and may change periodically.

What is loan liquidation, and what is the liquidation LTV?

Loan liquidation occurs when the current LTV exceeds the liquidation LTV, which may happen if the collateral's value decreases or the loan's value increases. If liquidation occurs, you may lose some or all of your collateral.

What happens when a loan is liquidated?

When liquidation occurs, the outstanding loan amount will be repaid using the equivalent value of collateral. A partial liquidation happens when the liquidation doesn't fully cover the outstanding loan, and a full liquidation occurs when the entire loan is repaid using the collateral.

What is a margin call?

A margin call is a warning issued when your collateral-loan pair position reaches its margin call LTV. You can take action by adding more collateral or reducing the outstanding loan to lower the LTV.

Will I be notified in the event of margin calls or liquidations?

Yes, Cropty will send notifications via email and SMS in case of margin calls or liquidations. However, timely delivery of these notifications cannot be guaranteed.

What interest rate applies to my loan?

Cropty provides transparent interest rates for each cryptocurrency. Please refer to the platform for up-to-date interest rates.

How is interest accrued for my loan positions?

Interest accrues based on the total outstanding loan amount and the prevailing APR. The interest accrued is added to the total outstanding loan.

How do I repay my loan or adjust my LTV?

Use the 'Repay' or 'Adjust LTV' options in your account to repay loans or adjust collateral, respectively. You can only repay your loan using the same cryptocurrency you borrowed.

Which cryptocurrencies can I pledge or borrow on Cropty Crypto Loan?

Cropty Crypto Loan accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as loanable and collateral assets. The list of available cryptocurrencies is updated periodically, so please refer to the platform for more information.

What can I do with the cryptocurrencies borrowed from Cropty Decentraland Crypto Loan?

You can use the borrowed cryptocurrencies for various purposes, including trading, investing, or withdrawing from the platform. The collateral you pledge remains with Cropty as security for the repayment of your loan.
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