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Safe and convenient login

Safe and convenient login

Cropty wallet provides two-factor authentication through e-mail, SMS, phone number or Telegram .
Data defend

Data defend

All user information and data in transit is secured by end-to-end encryption, that means only you have access to your personal information .
Security notifications

Security notifications

We send security alerts at your e-mail, phone or Telegram in case of suspicious activity detect. You can timely prevent anyone from getting access to your wallet .
Private keys protection

Private keys protection

Cropty wallet is designed to ensure safeguard for private keys and cryptoassets. Our security system provides cryptofunds safety from loss or theft .
Access monitoring

Access monitoring

Cropty registers and evaluates any withdrawal attempt, change of password, two-factor authentication means or e-mail address. If we detect unusual user actions, we suspend withdrawals and transfers for 24 hours to prevent loss of funds .

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What is a Cropty?

Cropty is a brand new crypto wallet that helps you to store, send and receive your crypto easily. The Cropty wallet supports both EVM and non-EVM chains. The wallet app available for iOS, Android mobile phones and any browser.

Is Cropty a custodial or non-custodial wallet?

Cropty is a custodial wallet that helps you to avoid typical mistakes of first-time crypto users. The Cropty apps deliver convenient and intuitive interface, taking on the complexity of holding private keys.

How to store crypto in a custodial wallet?

Download Cropty app for iOS, Android or apk.

Sign up with your phone number or e-mail.

Go to Settings and write down your backup codes. Keep them in a secure place.

Click ‘Receive’ and follow the instructions to top up your balance.

Can I transfer crypto from another wallet to Cropty

You can transfer crypto from another wallet to Cropty. Follow this simple steps:

Download Cropty app for iOS, Android or apk

Sign up with your phone number or e-mail.

Click ‘Receive’, choose a token and network.

Copy public address and transfer your crypto from another wallet to it in the same network.

What is Cropty crypto wallet to wallet transfer fee?

Cropty wallet to wallet transfer fee depends on the way you make a transfer:

If you’re using blockchain network for the transfer, the fee will depend on the network of the transaction.

If you’re sending crypto via e-mail, phone number or nickname, fee will not be charged.

When should I get a crypto wallet?

You should get a Cropty crypto wallet if you want to store, invest, send or receive cryptocurrency safely and instanly. You will also have to download Cropty wallet to obtain an access to your crypto send on your e-mail or a phone number.

Does Cropty wallet require identity verification?

The Cropty crypto wallet does not require any identity verification. You can receive, send and store your cryptocurrency anonymously.

I’ve got a message about crypto received to my phone number or e-mail. How to get access to this crypto?

Download Cropty for iOS, Android or apk.

Sign up with your e-mail or mobile phone number you’ve received crypto to.

Find crypto on your balance.

Does Cropty share my personal information?

Information about our users is an important part of our business and we are not in the business of selling our users' personal information to others. Read more about how Cropty collects and processes your personal information in our Privacy Policy.

How to save my private key safely?

You don’t need to worry about private keys with Cropty wallet — we hold and store your credentials safely under end-to-end encription. No one — developers, other users or hackers — can get access to private key to your Cropty wallet.

How to store cryptocurrency securely?

Download and install Cropty app, sign up and transfer your crypto from untrusted storages. Set strong password, two-factor authentification and enable Face ID to level up your crypto safety.