Invest in the future with Cropty

Invest in the future with Cropty

Cropty wallet is open and ready for your investment

Invest in the future with Cropty

Cropty wallet

Super simple custodial crypto wallet, for everyday needs with access to lending and other defi benefits.

Everything is simple and accessible that even a schoolboy, grandparents, with ease, can accept and send crypto, take loans, accept donations.

Our Mission

Cropty wants to be at the heart of the crypto game. We're aiming to make Bitcoin and other cryptos more than just collectibles. We want people to actually use them for their everyday stuff. Here's our game plan:

  • Let users send money instantly without any fees. You can do it through the app, using just an email or phone number. Way faster than the usual Bitcoin process!
  • Letting crypto owners borrow and save money, just like in a regular bank.
  • Let businesses get paid or pay others through our app. Smooth and safe for everyone
  • We're making a way for folks to donate in crypto – perfect for charities, causes, or anyone in need.
  • Making it easy to buy, sell, or swap crypto with regular money (fiat).

Hope that clears things up!

A global product cannot be complicated

There are two steps when entering the crypto market that no one can get past:

  1. 1Setting up a crypto wallet;
  2. 2Buying your first cryptocurrency.

By default, every cryptocurrency user has a crypto wallet. Over time, the user ends up with 3 wallets (phone app, exchange wallet and hardware cold wallet)

We decided to be the simplest and friendliest wallet, without complicated terms like "passphrase", "hidden wallet", "gas", "mainnet" and without "web 3.0" stuff.

After installation we start "developing" our client, educate him, give him access to the whole defi system (but without sophisticated terms), calling everything in simple understandable language. "Take a loan", "exchange crypto", "donate".

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Cropty Presentation


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June 1-29
Cropty Summer Airdrop
Cropty Summer Airdrop
Get Your Share of 1,000,000 NOTCOIN and 55,000,000 SHIB
June 1-29