Last Updated: 15 April 2024

What is a DEFI wallet? Your comprehensive guide to non-custodial wallets.

DEFI wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides access to a range of DEFI services. Keep reading to learn about the key features of a DEFI wallet and how it can help you manage your crypto assets.

DEFI wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that allows you to access various DEFI services in one place. DEFI, or Decentralized Finance, refers to financial applications built on blockchain networks that enable users to conduct transactions without intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions. With the rise of DEFI comes the need for secure and reliable wallets to help users safely manage their crypto assets.

When it comes to managing your crypto assets, it's important to have your own keys. Owning your keys means you have full control over your crypto assets, and no one else can access them without your permission. A non-custodial DEFI wallet allows you to own your keys and securely manage your crypto assets.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the main functions of a DEFI wallet and how it can help you manage your cryptocurrency. We will explore the benefits of owning your own keys and using a non-custodial wallet for DEFI services. Whether you are a DEFI beginner or an experienced user, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of DEFI wallets and their advantages.

Your keys, your cryptocurrency

your keys - your crypto

When it comes to managing your crypto assets, owning the keys is critical. Your private keys essentially serve as the password to your digital wallet and give you full control over your funds. If you lose your keys or they are stolen, you may permanently lose access to your crypto assets.

Here comes the help of the DEFI wallet. Unlike custodial wallets that store your private keys for you, the DEFI wallet is non-custodial and allows you to own your keys and manage your crypto assets securely.

With DEFI wallet, you can easily create and manage multiple wallets, each with its own private keys. This means you can store your funds separately and securely. You can also switch between wallets to manage your different crypto assets easily.

Owning your keys, a DEFI wallet gives you full control over your crypto-assets. You can send and receive funds at your desired confirmation speed and necessary network fee. This means you can customize your transactions to suit your needs and save on fees.

In general, using a DEFI wallet gives you confidence that you are in full control of your cryptocurrency assets. You don't have to worry about a third party gaining access to your private keys or losing your funds due to a hack or theft. By owning your keys, you have full control over your digital assets and can manage them safely and securely.

Earn rewards on over 25 tokens

DEFI wallet is not just a place to store crypto assets; it also provides a range of services that can help you earn more on your investments. One of the key features of the DEFI wallet is the ability to earn rewards on 25+ tokens.

Among the reward-offering tokens are popular cryptocurrencies such as CRO, VVS, TONIC, ATOM, and several stablecoins. When you store these tokens in your DEFI wallet, you will receive rewards based on the amount of tokens you hold. This means that the more tokens you hold, the more rewards you will receive.

Earning cashback from a DEFI wallet is a great way to generate passive income from your cryptocurrency assets. You don't need to actively trade or invest in risky assets to earn more from your investments. With a DEFI wallet, you can simply hold tokens that offer cashback and earn passive income over time.

Another advantage of earning rewards through a DEFI wallet is flexible terms. You can earn rewards for as long as you hold the tokens in your wallet, with no restrictions on token withdrawal time. This means you have full control over your assets and can withdraw them at any time without any penalties or fees.

In the end, earning cashback on 25+ tokens is a great way to generate passive income from your crypto assets. With a DEFI wallet, you can hold tokens that offer cashback and earn passive income over time. This is a flexible and low-risk way to earn more on your investments without actively trading or investing in risky assets.

Browse DApps without switching between apps

Decentralized applications, or DApps, are a key feature of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. DApps allow users to access various financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading without the need for intermediaries like banks or financial institutions. With the rise of DeFi, the number of available DApps has significantly increased, making it challenging to find the right DApp for every need.

Here comes the DEFI wallet to the rescue. Many DEFI wallets allow users to easily browse and access various DApps directly from the application. By integrating DApps into the wallet, users can seamlessly connect and transact with their chosen DApps without switching between different applications or interfaces.

One of the main advantages of using DApps through a DEFI wallet is the ability to seamlessly connect, exchange, farm, and mine on the hottest DeFi protocols. Users can easily access popular DApps, such as Uniswap, Compound, and Aave, and transact with them directly from the DEFI wallet app. This not only saves time but also provides a flawless user experience.

Another advantage of using a DEFI wallet to access DApps is enhanced security features. By connecting to DApps from within the wallet, users can be confident that their transactions are secure and confidential, as the wallet processes the transaction signature and broadcast without revealing the user's private key to the DApp.

Besides the ability to access popular DApps, some DEFI wallets also offer a curated collection of recommended DApps based on user preferences and portfolio. This feature allows users to easily discover new DApps that align with their investment strategies and goals.

Overall, browsing DApps from inside a DEFI wallet is a convenient and secure way to access a rapidly growing number of DeFi services available in the market. Seamlessly integrating DApps into the wallet allows users to save time, enhance security, and easily connect to the DeFi ecosystem.

NFT Deposit

If you are a fan of NFTs, you will be pleased to know that the DEFI wallet allows you to easily view and manage your NFTs in one place. With support for NFTs in multiple formats on various blockchains, you can easily browse your NFTs, share them on social media, and learn all about their rare characteristics.

To add your NFTs to a DEFI wallet, simply connect your wallet to the marketplace or platform where your NFTs are stored, and select the NFTs you want to deposit. Once selected, you will be able to view your NFTs in your DEFI wallet alongside other cryptocurrency assets you own.

One of the advantages of depositing your NFTs in a DEFI wallet is that it allows you to store everything in one place. You don't need to switch between different wallets or platforms to manage your NFTs, which can be inconvenient. With a DEFI wallet, you can store all your cryptocurrency assets, including your NFTs, in one secure place.

Another benefit of using a DEFI wallet to manage your NFT assets is full control over your assets. Since the DEFI wallet is non-custodial, only you have access to your private keys. This means that only you can withdraw or transfer your NFTs, adding an additional layer of security to your assets.

In general, depositing your NFTs into a DEFI wallet is a great way to manage your NFTs safely and securely. With support for multiple formats and blockchains, you can easily view and manage all your NFTs in one place while maintaining full control over your assets.

Exchange 1000+ tokens across multiple chains

One of the most significant features of the DEFI wallet is the ability to exchange 1000+ tokens across multiple chains. This feature allows you to move your assets between different blockchain networks and manage your portfolio more efficiently.

With the DEFI wallet, you can exchange various tokens on different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Cronos, Cosmos, and many others. This feature facilitates access and management of your assets across multiple blockchain networks without the need for multiple wallets.

The in-app integration feature allows you to transfer assets between different chains and Cronos, making portfolio management easier. You can also view the status of your transactions in real-time and track the progress of your swaps and transactions.

In addition, the DEFI wallet exchange feature is easy to use, and the user interface is intuitive. You can swap your tokens in just a few clicks, and the process is quick and secure. This feature is important for traders who want to quickly and efficiently move their assets between different blockchain networks.

The swap function also includes a built-in price comparison tool, which allows you to compare prices across different exchanges and select the best rate for your transaction. This tool ensures that you get the best value for your assets and helps you save money on trading fees.

In conclusion, the exchange feature in the DEFI wallet is an essential tool for managing your crypto assets on multiple chains. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently exchange your tokens and provides a built-in price comparison tool to help you get the best value for your assets. With the DEFI wallet, you can trade with confidence and easily manage your portfolio.

storing and sending crypto in DeFi Wallet

Store and send cryptocurrency

DEFI Wallet allows you to manage your crypto assets and easily store and send them. With a DEFI wallet, you can have full control over your crypto assets and securely manage them.

Cryptocurrency Storage:

WALLET DEFI allows to store more than 1000+ tokens on 30+ blockchains, including Chain, Ethereum, and Cronos. You can seamlessly import your existing wallet using a 12/18/24-word recovery phrase. This feature ensures that you have full control over your cryptocurrency, as you are the only one who has access to your recovery phrase. After importing your wallet, you can easily track your balances and view transaction history.

Sending cryptocurrency:

With the DEFI wallet, you can send cryptocurrency to anyone anywhere in the world. You can choose the desired confirmation speed and network fee, giving you greater control over your transactions. In addition, the ETH Gas Meter feature provides you with real-time updates on fees and transaction speeds so you can make informed decisions about your transactions.

Wallet DEFI also allows you to instantly send cryptocurrency to other DEFI wallet users without paying any fees. This feature is perfect for those who frequently carry out transactions with other DEFI wallet users.

Advantages of storing and sending cryptocurrency using a DEFI wallet:

One of the significant advantages of storing and sending cryptocurrency through a DEFI wallet is complete control over your crypto assets. You do not need to rely on third-party custodians to manage your assets, reducing the risk of hacks and theft. Additionally, the DEFI wallet ensures a high level of security, allowing you to store and send your crypto with peace of mind.

In addition, the DEFI wallet also allows you to earn interest on crypto assets. By depositing cryptocurrency into your DEFI protocol wallet, you can earn interest on your crypto assets. This is a great way to utilize your cryptocurrency and earn passive income.

In conclusion, a DEFI wallet is a great tool for managing, storing, and sending cryptocurrency assets. With a DEFI wallet, you can have full control over your assets, earn interest, and conduct secure transactions. If you are looking for a reliable and secure way to manage your crypto assets, then a DEFI wallet is an excellent choice.

Wallet Extension

Wallet DEFI is not limited to only mobile device. With the wallet extension feature you can easily connect the DEFI wallet app to your computer's browser, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency, view balances, and easily confirm DApp transactions without switching devices.

To download the wallet extension, simply visit the DEFI wallet website on your desktop browser and click on the wallet extension download link. After downloading, you can easily connect the wallet extension to the DEFI wallet application by scanning the QR code or manually entering the code.

Benefits of using the wallet extension function include:

  1. Access to your DEFI wallet from desktop: With the wallet extension, you can easily access your DEFI wallet from the desktop browser, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency assets across multiple devices.
  2. Seamless integration with DApps: The wallet extension seamlessly integrates with the most popular DApps, allowing you to transact and exchange tokens directly from your browser on the desktop.
  3. Real-time Updates: The wallet extension provides real-time updates on cryptocurrency balance and transaction history, making it easy to track your assets.
  4. Enhanced Security: The wallet extension utilizes the same security protocols as the DEFI Wallet application, ensuring complete security and safeguarding of your crypto assets.

In addition to wallet extension, DEFI wallet also offers a range of other features including desktop wallet and advanced management functions. Whether you are a beginner or experienced cryptocurrency user, DEFI wallet has everything you need for safe and efficient management of your cryptocurrency assets.

DEFI PC Wallet

DEFI Desktop Wallet is a comprehensive tool that allows easy management of your crypto assets. It is a non-custodial wallet designed to provide full control over your funds, offering additional features such as staking and more.

One of the key advantages of using DEFI Desktop Wallet is the ability to recover the wallet using a 12-word recovery phrase. This feature ensures that you will always have access to your funds even if you lose your device or your wallet becomes inaccessible. Additionally, DEFI Desktop Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly interface for managing your digital assets.

DEFI Desktop Wallet supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous ERC-20 tokens. You can also easily manage your Ledger assets on the desktop wallet. This feature is particularly useful for users who prefer access to their wallet on a larger screen or those who need to manage their cryptocurrency assets on the go.

Using the DEFI Desktop Wallet, you can also participate in managing various DeFi protocols. This feature enables you to vote on proposals and make decisions that impact the direction of different DeFi projects. It’s an exciting opportunity for users who want to be more involved in the DeFi community and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

In general, DEFI Desktop Wallet is a great tool for managing your cryptocurrency assets securely and efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cryptocurrency user, the user-friendly interface and advanced features make DEFI Desktop Wallet an excellent choice for those who want to take control of their digital assets. Download DEFI Desktop Wallet today and start managing your crypto assets confidently.

Examples of using DeFi Wallets

Earning Rewards with DEFI Wallet

Problem: Sarah, a DeFi enthusiast, wanted to find a way to earn passive income from her cryptocurrency holdings. She had heard about staking and lending protocols but was overwhelmed by the options and concerned about security.

Solution: Sarah discovered DEFI Wallet's reward feature and decided to try it out. She easily connected her wallet to several DeFi protocols and started earning rewards on her tokens. She was impressed with the ease of use and the transparency of the platform.

Results: Sarah's monthly earnings from DEFI Wallet rewards have exceeded her expectations. She is now able to supplement her income and pursue her DeFi interests with even more enthusiasm.

Sarah S., DeFi enthusiast: I've been using DEFI Wallet for a few months now, and I'm really impressed with the rewards feature. It's so easy to use, and I'm earning more than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend DEFI Wallet to anyone who wants to earn passive income from their crypto.

Securely Managing NFTs with DEFI Wallet

Problem: Alex, an NFT collector, was struggling to manage his growing collection of NFTs. He was using multiple platforms and was concerned about the security of his valuable assets.

Solution: Alex learned about DEFI Wallet's NFT deposit feature and decided to give it a try. He was able to easily import his NFTs into the wallet and view them all in one place. He was also impressed with the wallet's security measures.

Results: Alex is now confident that his NFTs are secure and well-organized in DEFI Wallet. He has peace of mind knowing that his valuable assets are protected.

Alex B., NFT collector: I'm so glad I switched to DEFI Wallet for managing my NFTs. It's so much easier to keep track of my collection and feel secure about my assets. I highly recommend DEFI Wallet to any NFT collector

Seamless DApp Integration with DEFI Wallet

Problem: Ben, a DeFi developer, was frustrated with the lack of a user-friendly platform for accessing DApps. He found it difficult to switch between wallets and connect to different DApps.

Solution: Ben discovered DEFI Wallet's DApp browser and was amazed by its ease of use and functionality. He was able to seamlessly connect to his favorite DApps and perform transactions directly from the wallet.

Results: Ben is now able to save time and effort by using DEFI Wallet to access DApps. He has a more streamlined and enjoyable DeFi experience.

Ben D., DeFi developer: DEFI Wallet has completely changed the way I interact with DApps. It's so easy to use and integrates seamlessly with all my favorite protocols. I highly recommend DEFI Wallet to any DeFi user.


In conclusion, a DEFI wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides full control over your crypto assets. It allows you to own your keys and securely manage your crypto assets. With a DEFI wallet, you can earn rewards for 25+ tokens, seamlessly use DApps from the app, store NFTs, and trade over 1000 tokens across multiple networks, store and send crypto assets, and easily connect your wallet to your desktop browser.

When choosing a DEFI wallet, you can access the full range of DEFI services in one place, making managing your crypto assets easy and convenient. It gives you complete control over your cryptocurrency, ensuring that your assets are secure. Additionally, with the ability to earn rewards, browse DApps, deposit NFTs, and swap tokens, you can maximize the benefits of your crypto assets.

In general, a DEFI wallet is an important tool for those who want to efficiently manage their cryptocurrency assets. If you haven't done so already, download a DEFI wallet today and start enjoying all of its benefits!

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