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Best Crypto Credit Cards in 2023

Discover what is a crypto credit card and what are the top options available on the market, learn about the benefits of crypto credit cards and reasons to get one.

What's a Cryptocurrency Credit Card?

Unlike regular debit cards linked to bank accounts, a crypto debit card offers a way to utilize the value of your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for spending. Interestingly, there are now crypto credit card choices for those interested in borrowing against their crypto assets, enabling them to use these funds at any place that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Now, let's dive into the world of crypto credit cards to explore whether this fusion of traditional finance and futuristic digital currency could be a suitable choice for your financial needs.

Best Crypto Credit Cards 2023

FTX Card:

The FTX Visa debit card offers a fee-free option, though it lacks substantial perks or cash back. Powered by Swipe (a company owned by Binance), it allows you to spend in USD or crypto. However, it might not be the most attractive option compared to others with higher rewards.


  • No fees.
  • Flexibility to spend in USD or crypto.


  • No cash back or significant perks.
  • Limited rewards compared to other cards.

Robinhood Cash Card:

The Robinhood Cash Card, currently in waitlist status, has an interesting roundup and auto-invest feature. While not a traditional cashback card, it offers a chance to win a bonus on your Roundup amount. However, its rewards are limited by the cap on the bonus.


  • Roundup and auto-invest features for potential bonus.


  • Not a traditional cashback card.
  • Limited earning potential with capped bonus. Midnight Blue:

The Midnight Blue Visa debit card is a great entry-level card that offers 1% cashback on all purchases, with rewards paid instantly in their native token, CRO. While not the highest rate available, it's a solid option, especially for those in regions where other cards aren't as generous.


  • Entry-level card with 1% cashback.
  • Instant rewards in CRO.


  • Not the highest cashback rate available.
  • Limited rewards compared to higher-tier cards.

Nexo Card:

The Nexo Card is another waiting list contender, offering up to 2% back in Bitcoin or NEXO coin. However, details are limited, making it challenging to assess the card's overall value and appeal.


  • Up to 2% cashback in Bitcoin or NEXO coin.


  • Limited details available.
  • Waiting list status.

SoFi World Elite Mastercard:

The SoFi World Elite Mastercard is a credit card that offers unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases, along with extra perks such as cell phone coverage and a trial to DoorDash. While the rewards are competitive, the card's benefits are most appealing to existing SoFi users.


  • Unlimited 2% cashback on all purchases.
  • Extra benefits for SoFi users.


  • ·Requires association with SoFi platform. Ruby Steel:

The Ruby Steel card offers a solid 2% cashback on all purchases and includes perks like free Spotify and potential future rewards. It requires a $400 staking commitment in CRO, making it a good starting point for those comfortable with crypto investments.


  • 2% cashback on all purchases.
  • Free Spotify and potential future rewards.


  • $400 staking commitment required.

Gemini Credit Card:

The Gemini Credit Card offers up to 3% cash back in various categories and rewards you in cryptocurrencies. While the categories are limited, it does provide a choice of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto rewards.


  • Up to 3% cashback in various categories.
  • Rewards in cryptocurrencies.


  • Limited categories for higher cashback.

Venmo Credit Card:

The Venmo Credit Card follows the 3-2-1 rewards structure, offering 3% cashback on your top spending category, 2% on the second category, and 1% on all other purchases. Rewards can be redeemed in either cash or a variety of cryptocurrencies.


  • Tiered rewards structure up to 3% cashback.
  • Option to redeem rewards in crypto.


  • Limited earning potential compared to other cards. Jade Green & Royal Indigo:

The Jade Green and Royal Indigo cards offer exceptional 3% cash back on all purchases, along with a suite of premium perks like free Spotify, Netflix, and LoungeKey airport lounge access. A $40,000 staking commitment is required but comes with 12% annual interest on the stake.


  • High 3% cashback rate on all purchases.
  • Premium perks including free Spotify, Netflix, and LoungeKey.


  • $40,000 staking commitment required. Obsidian Black Card:

For serious investors, the Obsidian Black Card offers an astonishing 5% cashback on all purchases, along with an array of premium perks. The card demands a substantial $400,000 staking commitment and offers a 12% annual interest on the stake.


  • Impressive 5% cashback on all purchases.
  • Premium perks and high-interest stake.


  • Huge $400,000 staking commitment required.

Binance Card:

The Binance Card provides the opportunity for up to 8% cash back but is limited to select regions. It's a debit card linked to Binance accounts and offers various tiers of rewards based on staking Binance Coin (BNB).


  • Up to 8% cashback potential (in select regions).
  • Multiple reward tiers based on BNB staking.


  • Limited availability by region.
  • Fees and transaction charges.

Voyager Card:

The Voyager Card promises up to 10% rewards, but these rewards are based on your investment portfolio. The card's effectiveness is limited by caps on earnings and staking requirements.


  • Potential for up to 10% rewards (based on investment portfolio).
  • Offers rewards in USDC.


  • Limited to select investment portfolio.
  • Earnings capped at $200 per month.

M1 Finance Owner Rewards:

The M1 Finance Owner Rewards card boasts up to 10% cash back on select brands, but this is tied to investing in an eligible portfolio with M1 Finance. The earnings are capped at $200 per month and require a $95 annual fee or M1 Plus membership.


  • Up to 10% rewards on select brands tied to investment portfolio.
  • Potential to earn in USDC.


  • Rewards linked to investment portfolio.
  • Cap on earnings at $200 per month.
  • Annual fee or membership requirement.

9 reasons to get a crypto credit card

Are you intrigued by the world of cryptocurrencies and looking for innovative ways to integrate them into your financial life? If so, you might want to consider getting a crypto credit card. These cards offer a unique fusion of traditional financial systems and digital assets, opening up a range of possibilities for savvy users. In this list, we'll explore ten compelling reasons why getting a crypto credit card could be a game-changer for you. From cash back rewards to increased interest rates and the potential for value appreciation, let's delve into the exciting realm of crypto credit cards and their benefits:

  1. Cash Back Rewards: When you make purchases using your crypto credit card, you can earn cash back in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Crow. Depending on the card tier, you could receive a percentage of your spending back in crypto. This provides an opportunity to accumulate more cryptocurrency while making everyday purchases.
  2. Reimbursement for Subscriptions: Some crypto credit cards offer reimbursement for popular subscription services like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. This means you can enjoy these services while getting a portion of the subscription fee back in cryptocurrency, adding to your crypto holdings.
  3. Free ATM Withdrawals: Crypto credit cards often provide free ATM withdrawals up to a certain limit. This can be convenient for accessing funds while traveling or managing your finances.
  4. Staking Rewards: By staking the native cryptocurrency of the platform, you can earn additional rewards in the form of interest. The higher the card tier and the more you stake, the better the rewards. This can be a way to earn passive income on your crypto holdings.
  5. Increased Interest Rates: Cryptocurrency credit cards can offer elevated interest rates for staked cryptocurrencies, allowing you to earn interest on your holdings. The potential to earn more from your crypto assets can be appealing to investors.
  6. Potential Value Appreciation: Some users find these cards appealing due to the potential for the cryptocurrency associated with them to increase in value. This could lead to additional gains beyond the rewards and benefits offered by the card itself.
  7. Partnerships and Exposure: Crypto credit card providers often have partnerships with major brands, events, and sports teams, increasing their exposure and credibility. This can make cardholders feel part of an exclusive community and provide access to unique experiences.
  8. Convenience and Usability: Crypto credit cards function like traditional debit or credit cards, making them easy to use for everyday transactions. They can be used at any location that accepts Visa or Mastercard, allowing you to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into your daily life.
  9. Passive Investment: Owning and using a cryptocurrency credit card can be seen as a form of passive investment. As the value of the associated cryptocurrency appreciates, the rewards and benefits you receive from the card could also increase in value.

Keep in mind that while there are notable benefits, there are also considerations, such as fees, terms, and potential market volatility. Assessing whether a crypto credit card aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance is crucial before getting one. As the crypto landscape evolves, these cards could offer an intriguing blend of financial tools and crypto investment opportunities.

What to Consider When Choosing a Crypto Credit Card

Looking to dive into the world of crypto credit cards? Here's a breakdown of nine important aspects you should keep in mind while making your choice.

  1. User-Friendly Experience The whole point of crypto credit cards is to seamlessly merge the crypto world with traditional finances. Look for a card that simplifies the process of using Bitcoin and other cryptos for everyday transactions. While some cards offer intricate rewards and benefits, many users prefer the basics: converting crypto to spendable funds on a prepaid Visa card.
  2. Security Matters Security is paramount in the crypto space. Unlike traditional payment methods, crypto transactions are mostly irreversible, which makes the safety of your assets crucial. Opt for a card that provides secure storage for your cryptocurrencies, ensuring your peace of mind.
  3. Reliability Is Key Imagine being unable to use your funds for essential tasks like buying groceries or paying rent. When choosing a crypto debit card, trustworthiness is vital. Stick with established and reputable brands to avoid any unwanted surprises.
  4. Mind the Fees While fees shouldn't be the sole factor in your decision, minimizing costs is always a plus. Crypto debit card fees vary widely, including processing fees and ATM withdrawal charges. Review the terms and conditions to get a clear picture of the costs associated with each card.
  5. Features That Matter While many crypto debit cards are focused on the basics, each may offer unique features. Think about what matters to you—whether it's advanced security features or convenient international use. Consider cards that align with your specific needs.
  6. Handy Mobile App A user-friendly app is a must-have for managing your crypto credit card on the go. It allows you to track transactions, balances, and more. Some apps even let you instantly freeze your card in case of loss or theft.
  7. Incentives and Rewards Though rewards are currently limited, some crypto debit cards offer cashback incentives. Keep in mind that these rewards often require holding a certain amount of a proprietary token. Consider rewards alongside other factors when making your decision.
  8. Availability Challenges Crypto regulations and partner policies are ever-evolving, leading to availability challenges for crypto credit cards. Ensure that the card you're considering is accessible in your country and complies with local regulations.
  9. Conversion Convenience Loading your crypto credit card with your chosen cryptocurrency involves various factors. Check which cryptocurrencies are supported, fee structures for top-ups, and the speed of fund availability after depositing. These details can impact your experience when moving between crypto and fiat.


Each crypto credit card offers its own blend of benefits, rewards, and requirements. The choice of card depends on your investment strategy, spending habits, and how comfortable you are with staking or investing in specific cryptocurrencies. Remember, before committing to any card, thoroughly assess its features and evaluate whether the rewards align with your financial goals.

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